“Be prepared to learn and change, Anky is a great partner for your journey.”

“Finding Anky was a blessing on so many levels.  A life saver.  I was excited and so grateful to have found her, I have learnt so much about myself.  I have a greater appreciation of myself, my surroundings and my path in life is so much clearer and most importantly I am happier.

One hour sessions are just not long enough.  I found Anky to be understanding, helpful, interesting, full of positive energy and would recommend her to anyone who wants to make a difference in their life.

– Mele


“As a result of Anky’s coaching techniques I am now more confident, I am able to engage more easily in open conversation, not only work related but on a personal basis.  I ask questions a lot more during discussions, don’t take things personally as much as I used to; I am now better equipped to find resolutions to obstacles and have a more positive perspective on a number of issues. My communication skills have improved significantly and I now have the ability to end a constructive discussion on a positive note.

I initially thought “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” however through her unique coaching techniques Anky has proven me wrong on a number of issues.

In addition to one on one coaching sessions, I have been fortunate enough to participate in a number of group coaching sessions with fellow team members.

Anky brought out the best in all of the team, and amazed us all with her special ability to have even the most sceptical, the most introverted and the most private members of the team open up and reveal their innermost concerns and attributes.  In a group where 13 people from distinctly varied backgrounds and personalities come together this is no easy task.

IAnky ensured that her coaching sessions were always interesting and invigorating and did not consist of just one Powerpoint slide after another, ensuring that everyone was engaged in meaningful activities throughout the session.

Through her coaching techniques Anky has given me a better insight to myself and taught me how to feel more confident.  I now have a more pro-active approach when dealing with confronting situations, unexpected obstacles, or just simple day to day business issues.

I cannot recommend Anky’s coaching services too highly.”

– Senior HSE Advisor, APA Group


“Anky came highly recommended through a close friend of mine and I found her friendly, open and practical approach to coaching, integral to helping me achieve my HOW in both professional and personal improvement strategies.

– Rebecca


“I held off writing this testimonial for Anky as I believe you never know how far you’ve come until you’re tested. It’s one thing to say ‘I’ve done the work, I’ve set the goals, I’m on a good path’ but now when life throws a curveball (as it has since!) I have tools to help… happiness is facing true north while making room for the difficult stuff.

I came to Anky as the layers were peeling back. At the same time – work changes that had been bubbling overboiled, serious family illness and relationship challenges all came to a head. I was anxious, not coping at work, depressed, stressed,  I felt powerless, had no idea how to change it. I’m a strong, smart, independent person and should have all the answers, right?

Quickly Anky demonstrated she had an artillery of methods to offer. Yes we can talk but ‘so what’? She applied a finely timed method of ‘understanding’ and tools to put into action thinking, perception, self-awareness and choice in a helpful way.

Be prepared to learn and change, and Anky is a great partner for your journey.”

– Madison


12 months ago, I had a list of goals a mile long and no idea of how to achieve this.

After working with Anky for approx. 6 months, we managed to narrow this down to 4 key goals.  I have now achieved 3 out of my 4 goals & I couldn’t be happier!  The only goal I have not achieved, I decided to put on hold for the moment as I have so much going on!

Anky’s approach was exactly what I needed to help me to get me to the root of my issues, allowing me to look at what was blocking me and allowing me to really think about what was important and to put some actions in place to make them happen.  Anky also provided me with some key skills to look at things from a different perspective.

I would highly recommend Anky to anyone looking for some direction.

– Michelle


“From the moment we arrived, Anky was very welcoming and a lovely person to deal with.  Anky was very supportive and showed us the Triple P program in an easy and understanding way.  We decided to have one on one sessions opposed to the group sessions, these were more personalised and well worth it as Anky could answer questions directly related to our situation.

We highly recommend Anky for anyone considering the Triple P program.”

– R.B. & T.B.