New Year’s health and fitness goals for families

Does your family want to make some healthy changes this new year?

For best success, make sure you get everyone’s inputs as this will help with motivation and commitment.   If people feel they’ve had no say in a decision they will feel forced and are hardly going to be enthusiastic about following it through.  Choose just 2-3 goals for starters and make them specific and measurable so that it’s easier to stick to them and to measure your progress against them.

Once you start achieving your goal regularly and it has become a habit, then add another goal.  So if you and your kids decide that you will walk the dogs at least 3 times a week together as a family then once you’ve been doing that solidly for a few months, start working on your next goal.  Make sure you don’t drop off the ‘walking the dogs’ goal however.

Ideas for Healthy and Fit New Year’s Resolutions

Below are some more ideas for your family’s health and fitness goals, just change them to fit your family situation:

  • We will spend 30 minutes’ playing together outside at least 4 times a week
  • We will add a physical activity or play time to the calendar.  For example a fitness class, tennis game, soccer game, beach visit.  We will give them the same priority and commitment as other important meetings
  •  We will share a meal (whether it’s dinner or breakfast) together at least 5 days per week
  • We will switch to whole-grain bread, pasta and cereals
  • We will avoid using food as a reward
  • When we feel stressed out we will use deep breathing and mindfulness to calm down
  • When we feel angry we will do some intense exercise e.g. a run to burn off the anger
  • etc.

Wishing you a health and happy new year!

AnAnky Balfoort - Life Coach and Triple P Positive Parenting Balfoort is an experienced  positive parenting trainer and life coach. She has helped numerous clients and parents raise happy, confident and resilient kids through positive parenting training and coaching. She has 15 life coaching, positive parenting and psychology-related qualifications which includes Triple P. She runs various positive parenting courses in Brisbane and also provides tailored coaching sessions for parents.